1.    Communication breakdown

  2.     Lack of sexual intimacy

  3.     Pre-marital concerns

  4.     Affairs - infidelity

  5.     Lack of trust

  6.     Conflict resolution

  7.     Living separate lives

  8.     Commitment

  9.     Loss of “Spark”

  10.     Finances

  11.     Extended family issues

  12.     Balance of power

  13.     Parenting differences

  14.     Step parenting

  15.     Blended families

  16.     Empty nest

  17.     Major life changes

  18.     Divorce and separation

  19.     Grief

  20.     Major illness in the family

My approach is to establish a safe, collaborative and mutually respectful working relationship with my clients. It is within this empathetic, non-judgemental environment that you will be supported to share your concerns.

Couples often arrive with heightened anxiety and defended positions. An important part of the therapeutic process is about eliminating blame and letting go of the belief that your partner needs fixing. In every relationship there are two people who are responsible for how the relationship is or isn’t working.

My role is to assist you in identifying any negative themes, patterns, beliefs and behaviors that create gridlock and unhappiness between you and your partner. Then I will determine the most appropriate way to explore those issues. Sourcing your strengths and exploring new skills is an integral part of this process. Over time you will learn to access your shared resources as a couple, providing new opportunities for a more loving, intimate relationship.

Feel free to call me to discuss how I can support you both with your needs.